You probably haven't seen these skis before. Viktor Polášek only makes them to order, and in the few years that he has been handcrafting his Four Oaks Skis himself, he has refined them to perfection. 

Viktor Polášek grew up in the majestic Beskydy mountains in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, close to the borders of Poland and Slovakia. His lifelong love of skiing has seen him travel the world as a sought-after private ski instructor. A pioneer in the once lesser known "free touring" form of the sport, he has for more than 10 years been handcrafting skis to order for a select number of private clients. With each new pair produced Victor's handmade design has been refined and tested to the point of near perfection. Encouraged by the fantastic feedback which he received from his clients Victor decided that it was time to make Four Oaks Skis available to skiers all over the world. With this goal in mind, Victor teamed up with his friend and fellow passionate skier Filip Kotrba and set about building a small workshop to enable them to handcraft the beautifully designed, lightweight Four Oaks Skis for you.

The skis are handcrafted in the town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in the Beskydy mountains where the local Wallachian dialect roots and the Wallachian language has penetrated into the names of the skis. The workshop is currently producing two types of free touring skis:

KOTAR - for "kotary" - which translated means - for hilly terrain with bushes, potholes and ravines.

GRAPA - for "grapy" or "zgrapy" - which translated means - for couloir, steep slopes and precipices